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Here at Salon Fuzion we have a highly experienced Styling, Beauty, Nail and Body Piercing team, based in Nuneaton town centre (just along from Argos). Our Salon is designed to look bright and modern, and our services are kept at a low cost. We will not compromise on the services our customers receive.

Our theory is: everyone should be able to afford top quality Hair, Nails, Beauty and Body Piercing. We also stock an extensive range of Redken, Fudge & MUK products.


Excellence does not have to cost a fortune.

Opening Times

Monday (9 till 2ish) Tuesday to Saturday: 9am - 5.30pm (Closed Sundays & Bank Holidays)

Ultra Modern             Wonderfully Unique                  Affordable

Body Piercing


All ear piercings are £18 and Lobes which are £7 each or £12 pair (Gun Piercing - No Age Limit for ear piercings with a piercing gun)

Nose Piercings, Medusa, Madonna, Monroe, Lips, Eyebrow are £18 each.

Surface Piercings and Scaffolding are from £20 each, Smiley's/Frowney's are £18 each. Venom Bites or Snake Bites are £30 each.

Skin Divers £25 each, Septum £18, Naval £20, Tongue £25, Nipples £20 or £35 pair.

If you can't see what you are looking for, then just ask.

Piercing Age Restrictions

Piercings Age Restrictions Apply. Minimum age is 13 (with adult consent if under 16).

Skin Divers have a minimum age of 18.

If you are fortunate enough to not look your age, then please don't be offended if asked for I.D.

Acceptable forms of I.D. are Passport, Driving Licence, NUS Card (if under 18), NOT Birth Certificate.

Nails Gallery

Nail by Danielle

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